aboutphoto1In February of 2005, La Crêperie Voilà opened as a Breton style crêperie. We offer traditional savory buckwheat galettes, commonly known as “crêpes”, and Parisian style sweet crêpes. Both types of batters are spread delicately thin so that they turn golden brown and slightly crisp. Breton crêpes and galettes defy easy description – they are between pancake and pastry. We strive to stay true to form and create a substantial product that offers that elusive and delicate balance of simplicity and refinement.

“Fast food- Old world style” – Our crêpes are always made directly in front of you, affording a mesmerizing perspective of the choreographed spinning, filling, and folding. We proudly feature an extensive crêpe menu with both traditional street vendor crêpes as well as the more elaborate combinations found in the crêperies including ice cream and flambèes. Our crêpes can be wrapped to eat on the go, served on a paper plate to eat inside or outside, or boxed to take home. From our grandly covered open air location, we hope to satisfy not only appetites but also a nostalgia for times and places where quality is as or more important than quantity.

aboutphoto2Before opening La Crêperie Voilà, owner Andrew Eigenrauch made crêpes for many years at up to five local farmer’s markets a week, and catered under the name of “Suzette’s Table.” His quest for great crêpes has included extensive research. In 2001 he traveled to Brittany, France for a crêperie training course. He is proud to share the tradition.

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