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“Great food and quick service plus a great downtown location. If you are going to have fast food this is it. Forget all the rubbish burgers and drumsticks get yourself a crepe. The savoury crepes are filling, tasty and good value for money and the sweet ones are well just magical.”

-Karen Y.

“Sweet! No pun intended. I have yet to try their salty crepes, as I have more of a sweet tooth when I think of these delicious wonders. Regardless, in the short time I was in Seattle, I managed to visit this place twice! Imagine that. And I also sneakily stole bites from those eating here with me.”

-Ani P.

“i live right around the corner from this spot and i used to eat nutella crepes in paris everyday morning, noon, and nite for a month! this place got that crepe in exacto mode! love this place! my lab mix tries to jump behind the counter to make her own. then she mugs me while i eat it infront of her. can’t give her nutella i tell her :(“

-Tony S.

“Best crepes in Seattle! This is my favorite crepe place and they taste most like the crepes I used to eat in Paris. Turns out the owner trained in France! Very reasonable prices, delicious crepes with plenty of choices, fast and friendly service, and handy location. You can watch them make your crepe while you wait, and then you can have it folded up in paper and eat it on the street while you stroll like you would in Paris–or put it on a plate if you want to savor it in a more leisurely manner. At the bottom of the convention center building, right on the corner–and you can eat inside the center if you want to get out of the cold.”

– Melusine M.

“It’s one of those places where the people who work there are so hip, that you feel hip just for frequenting the place. Plus, the crepes are good. I mean, really, really good.”

-Cat S.

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